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Autoservizi Russo Castellammare


Ragazza per il Cinema 2004
Music for Dancing 2004
Nostra Principalissima Patrona 2004
Mediterraneo Moda 2004
1° Concorso fotografico Nazionale
"Cittą di Castellammare del Golfo"

Il Mitico Fiume Crimiso
Convegno La pesca del Tonno
Convegno Tonno Rosso 2003
Sagra del Tonno 2003
Palio della Patrona 2003
Il Castello Medievale 2003
Rievocazione 2002
Rievocazione 2001
Rievocazione 2000
Videoclip e Fotografie
Nostra principalissima patrona 1999
I festeggiamenti per il Bicentenario 1998
Palio della Patrona 2002 Videoclip
Palio della Patrona 2000 Fotografie e Videoclip
Palio della Patrona 1999
Il presepe vivente di Balata di Baida 2000
I presepi della Valle degli Elimi
Il presepe vivente di Balata di Baida 1999
Mostra fotografica
Con i piedi nell'acqua e la testa tra le nuvole

Mostra fotografica
Appena ieri

Primo Premio Castellammare Scopello 1999


Storia e Luoghi

  Castellammare e il Cinema
Crimiso o non Crimiso
Il piccolo Museo del Mare
La Pesca e i pescatori
Il porto di Castellammare
La Grotta di Santa Margherita
Le Spiagge di Castellammare
Le Grotte dell'Inici
Cefalą Diana
Il Castello d'Inici
Il Castello di Castellammare
La Tonnara di Scopello
Cetaria Scopello e lo Zingaro


Castelli di Sicilia

  La Colombaia di Trapani
Torre di Federico
Castello di Augusta

Scopello - Le Torri



Scopello Baglio Isonzo

Scopello Baglio Isonzo

ScopelloTonnara of Scopello

Riserva dello ZingaroThe culture and tradition of the Tonnara of Scopello goes up to many centuries back; it is a wonderful place, full of history and legend.
According to reliable sources, tuna-fishing took place even before the coming of the Romans: the mythical city of Cetaria lay on the outskirts of the "tonnara"; Cetaria owes its name to the plenty of fish in the sea.
Our knowledge about Cetaria is rather scarce and we do not know so much also about the tonnara, which today has misteriously disappeared.
Historians say that the tonnara was restored and used again by the Arabs who handed down their noble skills to posterity.
The last tuna-slaughter at the tonnara of Scopello took place in the eighties.
The boathouses, where the boats and all the equipment are kept, still echo to the "Cialoma"(a propitiatory song that tuna-fishermen used to sing to get more strenght to haul in the nets.
Fishermen's houses are still today tidy and cosy.

ScopelloThe sea and the reserve

Zingaro - La CapreriaThe reserve and the sea that laps its coast, thanks to their geographical position and to the deepth of the sea, can throw up encounters wich might elsewhere be considered extraordinary.
It is not unusual, mainly during the spring or in the autumn to run into playful communities of "stenelle" (a particular type of dolphins), meeting oceanic cetaceax or even whales.
But it is the seabed that gives the divers with the greatest thrills: brightly coloured sponges, sea anemones and madrepores covering the sides of underwater caves and tunnels.Zingaro - Caladisa
Colonies of astroides illuminate shadowy rockfaces and crevices Gorgonias reach out with their leafy arms, and spyrographes show off their multicoloured downy foliage.
The sheer rock faces, the submerged stacks, constitute the natural environment of white grouper, dentex, white bream, and the rocky peaks and sheers are the set destinations of tunny, and big pelagics fish.


Zingaro - Il paesaggio sottomarinoThe tonnara of Scopello is the starting point for sea visit and it is the place where all diving is planned, diving which is suitable for both experts and beginners.
The places for these dives are a few miles from the diving center and it doesn't take long to reach them.
The colours of the seabed and the cristal clear water permit us to go snorkelling at a greater depth.
Canoeing in the magnificent area of Scopello between the towers and the stacks takes us back to days gone by.Zingaro - La fauna sottomarinaThe team of Cetaria diving center will show you the best places on the coast to go diving: the "Wreck of the Capua", a warship sunk during the II World War; the "Wreck of the Kent, known as the "Ship of the Korans", which went down in 1978," the Cave of Ficarella" whose entrance is 14 metres below sea level with a long corridor leading up towards the surface and coming out, above sea level, in a large cave covered with stalactites; the "cave of the Lion", consisting of three big caverns.
The "Parete dell'Impisu", the "Testa della porta", the " parete rossa" and the stacks are just a few of the many places that one can visit in Scopello.


Zingaro - Il paesaggio sottomarinoThe aim of THE CETARIA DIVING CENTER is to protect the submerged environmental and archaeological heritage.
All this thanks also to campaigns to increase people awarness and sense of social responsibility.
The diving is limited to a few scuba-divers in order to assure assistance and safety.
Furthermore it is possible to go diving singularly in order to satisfy a great deal of different needs (photos, videos, research, unexperienced divers, revision check).
Cetaria : safety, professionalism, a wonderful experience that teaches you to enjoy and respect the nature at the same time.

How to get to Scopello
Reserve Sea
Send us a e-mail
Guided diving
Courses (different skills)
Baptism of the sea
Equipment renting
Underwater photography courses
Boat excursions
Blue weeks

ScopelloThe Natural Reserve of the "Zingaro"

Scopello - La tonnaraThe natural reserve of the "Zingaro" stretches between Scopello and S.Vito lo Capo.
The imposing mountains, the deep indentations and the wide valley that look out towards the sea, constitute the 1600 hectares of uncontaminated nature of the reserve.
Headlands, cliffs, coves, little white-pebbles beaches and caves succeed in quick succession for 7 km along the coast, which is considered to be of great scientific and environmental interest.
According to a regional law work was started in 1981 and it is looked after by the Regione Sicilia.
This reserve was the first protected area of the island and is one of the few oases still intact and protected from haphazard construction.
red rock that looks out towards the east: here lies the ancient village of Scopello, a few kilometres from Castellammare, a small town near Trapani.
Scopello is a seventeenth century courtyard surrounded by a few houses standing very close together, a small paved square, a stone drinking-trough.


The tall Bennistra Tower dominates a green valley. Higher up towards the summit of Mount Sparagio (1200mt), there is the Wood of Scopello, where once deer, wolves and wild boar roamed.
The woods remind us of the times of Ferdinando III and of his hunting parties.
It was he who chose it as his royal game preserve. the land was witness to historical events and is surrounded by an air of mistery, fed by legends and stories that folk used to tell their children.
Scopello has a fascinating and involving atmosphere, its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable.
Visitors will have the chance to enjoy a wonderful stay, tasting the traditional fish-based cuisine, admiring the local ceramics, taking part in cultural events, visiting the "Natural Reserve of the Zingaro", finding accomodation in cosy houses confortable guest houses.

Il Baglio Isonzo di Scopello

La Tonnara e la Costa di Scopello

Per informazioni: Vittorio Ballerini - Mobil Phone 368 3864808
Phone 0924 541177 Fax 0924 541177
Sede operativa: Via Marco Polo 3 - Scopello - Castellammare del Golfo (TP) ITALY

testi di: Vittorio Ballerini

Cetaria Diving Center Scopello


Riserva dello ZingaroPosta a cavallo tra i territori di Castellammare del Golfo e S. Vito Lo Capo, la Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro č raggiungibile comodamente in macchina o con i mezzi pubblici, sia da Castellammare del Golfo, (via Guidaloca - Scopello) che da S. Vito lo Capo.
Lo Zingaro č la prima riserva naturale istituita in Sicilia, visitarla č come effettuare un viaggio nel tempo, in ambienti sempre meno presenti in Sicilia ...

Video Clip tratta da: lo "Zingaro" di Sicilia - edita da Lions Club Alcamo.
Video Clip tratta da: Sereno Variabile - RAI2

Riserva dello Zingaro!Castellammare - Scopello - lo Zingaro!


"Montalbano sono". Questa voce ormai cosķ familiare č tornata a risuonare nelle case dei milioni di italiani appassionati delle avventure del commissario Montalbano. Rai Uno ha mandato in onda nell' autunno del 2002 quattro nuovi episodi della serie ispirata al poliziotto di Vigąta.
Molte della scene del primo episodio "Il senso del tatto", sono state girate alla tonnara di Scopello.

Per sapere di pił.

Nel video alcune sequenze delle scene girate a Scopello.

Montalbano a Scopello!


Castellammare, e sopratutto la tonnara di Scopello, le vie, la gente, e i luoghi pił suggestivi spesso sono stati utilizzati come "locations" ideali nella ambientazione di films d'azione, ultimi ad essere girati nel 2004 il film "Oceans Twelve" e lo sceneggiato "Cefalonia".
Il pił antico documento cinematografico č tuttavia ......
Per sapere di pił.

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